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an exhibition of Hodinöhsö:ni’ artists celebrating 2022 as the 50th year of Indigenous Studies at the University at Buffalo

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Čá··hu is a Tuscarora video game designed to bridge the gap between human relationships to place, other beings of our shared environments, and Indigenous place-based knowledge. This walking simulator activates Haudenosaunee ideologies of humility and reciprocity while reminding us to be thankful for all beings of the lands and spaces we occupy.


In this digital Tuscarora depiction of Haudenosaunee territories, Čá··hu engages players with virtual Indigenous knowledge practices, fusing interactive digital media with Haudenosaunee ways of knowing. It was developed as a component of Tuscarora artist Waylon Wilson's master's thesis in the Master of Design (M.Des.) program at Concordia University and is currently production for launch in 2022.

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